Alma Carrillo

Media & Finance Director

Alma’s bright and sunny disposition is rivaled only by her aptitude for excellence in all things. Since day one, Alma has proved that no task is too tall as she’s expanded her skillsets far beyond our expectations.

The CBC grad has an eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills, which are showcased daily. Alma is responsible for keeping Focal Point’s books in order, staying on top of billable and payable accounts and generally overseeing that our agency continues running like a well-oiled machine.

Alma’s passion for her work extends to client services as well, ensuring that their advertising dollars are used effectively. As Media & Finance Director, she stays informed on broadcast trends, ratings, and demographics. In today’s saturated broadcast landscape where new programs are “the next big thing,” Alma sees through the clutter and makes sound media buys based on logic and target audience behaviors, not because of what’s “trendy.”

Native to the Mid-Columbia, Alma loves spending time with family, going to the movies, taking weekend trips, and shopping of course (or retail therapy, as she calls it).

coffee - Alma Carrillo
shoe - Alma Carrillo
bag - Alma Carrillo