Andrew Hill


The native of New Brunswick, Canada, gets his inspiration from skateboard and hip hop culture, having spent most of his life on the East Coast. Andrew’s skill-sets range from traditional design and illustration, to web and digital platforms and everything in between.

What do you get when you combine an unlimited passion for design with a millennial that is his own biggest critic? Meet Andrew. He eats, breathes and bleeds design. And when he gets around to sleeping, he dreams about design, too. That’s how he rolls. His creative talents are rivaled only by his desire to be better. Andrew is always thinking of the big picture and utilizing trends that will stand the test of time.

In the few hours each week he’s not crafting some wicked composition, Andrew’s favorite things to do include listening to underground hip hop, boating and enjoying water sports on the Columbia, as well as rooting on the NBA’s Toronto Raptors in their quest for another championship.

maple - Andrew Hill
raptors - Andrew Hill
wutang - Andrew Hill