Jessica Schumacher

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jessica, or Jess for short, made an impression right from the get go. A true jack-of-all-trades, dabbling in everything from graphic and web design to social media and digital marketing

Jess is a sponge – soaking up knowledge and valuable skills that have paved the way for the level of expertise she brings to our clients. She has made a name for herself through her versatility, which is probably a blessing as much as it is a curse, resulting in the lobbing of a slew of tasks at her only to be met with “what else ya got?”

The Minnesota native has helped implement comprehensive audience personas that allow us to hone target audiences and increase user engagement, often leading to a better conversion rate. That’s huge in this business. She also manages and optimizes digital campaigns to best utilize client advertising dollars while performing organic and paid SEO strategies to boost our clients’ brand.

When she’s not waist-deep in digital work, you’ll find her spending time with her children and family, enjoying water sports, and baking up goodies

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