Digital Marketing

SEO/organic, display, search, OTT, email, social and more.



Integrated user experience designed into a beautiful layout for all to browse and navigate. Our websites are specially designed around effective and efficient search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. 

content Strategy

We design websites for people, not robots. Developing content for search engines is an important process, that can yield positive results, but it’s always important who we’re really designing the website for—the user. By developing unique, quality content outfitted with an effective search strategy, we can deliver on the real important numbers—converting users into customers.

Organic Web


Search Engine Optimization. Maximize the number of visitors to our clients’ sites by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Identify keywords and use them to expertly craft website text that talks directly to the search engines.

Reputation Management

Do you have less than ideal reviews on any of your accounts? Google, Facebook, Yelp? Let Focal Point help improve what prospective customers see on your account. We can help you strategize and create a different narrative.


MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact; which one is best? We help our clients determine their best strategies and text to craft email campaigns that help target their clients for retention and to grow their business.


We work around the sites current analytics, using them and industry research to develop a strategy that will drive more traffic to the website. We monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s) and adjust as needed based upon those KPI’s.  



Create a wholistic plan that helps get your messages across the various media platforms effectively. Facebooks, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even TikTok, we’re in tune and will help our clients evaluate what is best for their business.


Carefully crafted stories that show how much our clients care about their business and engage with their end users.


Specific. Engaging. Measurable. We want our clients’ social media accounts to be an extension of them. Create an engaging conversation that adds value to their business.

Engagement Management

Work with our clients to deliver quality projects and create lasting relationships between our clients and their customers. Develop high quality creative that will work to increase our client’s business.

Social snapshot:

Corwin Ford

  • Manage Social accounts
  • Produce serial video series “people of Corwin” Showcasing staff, products, features and atmosphere
  • 15% increase in sessions (2019 vs 2018)
  • 66% increase in new users


  • Manage and curate content
  • 50% reach increase on Facebook and Instagram
  • 75% increase in website traffic with help from social campaigns

Touchstone Jewelers

  • 600% increase in users and sessions (Q4 2018 vs 2019)
  • 20% increase in pages/session
  • Increase in organic website traffic from social media by over 300%

Our Process

Social success doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s a little glimpse at what we do when we manage your account(s).


We start with a calendar, carefully plodding each post.



Our creative team whips together your graphical post elements.



Then we schedule for publish, rinse and repeat! 

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iPhonex youtube - Digital Marketing
iPhonex IG - Digital Marketing



When someone is searching for your business or industry, be the top. Show up first all the time through paid advertising. With good SEO, a digital search campaign is very effective to drive traffic to your company.


Whether static or motion graphics are the style you want to show, we can help you create and maintain compelling display campaigns. We work to determine effective strategies that target the prospective buyer where they are at.


Whether cutting the cord is your style or not, there are plenty of people that have already done so. OTT hits audience members on their digital devices wherever they are. Always on advertising.


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