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New Year, New Creative, New Results

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Designer's Desk, Digital Marketing, News

Why updating your creative can rejuvenate your brand.

We’ve all been spectators to this: watching morning news or a football game and seeing the same commercial that’s been playing for months on end. At this point, it’s been reduced to white noise, costing the advertiser money and not providing much return on investment.

The same thing happens with digital campaigns, where ads are still getting “impressions” but aren’t leading to click-throughs or conversions.

If you’re dedicating a monthly budget to advertising your business, shouldn’t you be putting your best foot forward?

Updating your advertising creative can have a huge impact on your business – with brand awareness, with engagement, with messaging, and yes, even with sales and revenue.

Here are some common signs that indicate you might need to refresh your creative…

Skip Ads please

Skip it already…


This can be difficult to track, but if you look deep into your audience data and compare with sales numbers, it paints a pretty clear picture. When your brand is no longer part of the conversation, that may be a sign it’s time to make a change. Updating your advertising creative is an easy way to stay relevant and reach your audience. Top of mind awareness can be valuable, especially after the year we all have just had as we navigate our way out of a pandemic.


Now a year into the COVID pandemic, there is a growing feeling across our communities to feel something that resembles normalcy again. This feeling is palpable when you’re shopping in stores and spending more time in public spaces as restrictions loosen. After months of hearing mostly negative messages pertaining to lockdowns or political campaigns, this is an opportunity for businesses to infuse fun and positivity.

Consider altering campaign creative to focus on the good things happening with your business or how you’re making an impact in your community. Comedic messages or fun visuals and ideas can go a long way in developing creative that stands out. 

Green Astronaut


Anyone that has ever featured staff or employees in their advertising creative knows that when turnover happens (and it will happen) that it can be problematic continuing to run those campaigns showing people no longer with the company. If this is you, use this as an opportunity to update your campaigns with something new and fresh.

The Goonies never say die!

The Goonies never say die!


Creative trends come and go, but Goonies never say die. That, however, is what some advertisers should do to their campaigns – let them go so they may be replaced with something more engaging. Unfortunately, advertisers have a tendency to hold onto some campaigns long past their shelf life.

Learn to recognize when a campaign or piece of creative is past its prime to save yourself from stale creative. Or better yet, set up a schedule to have fresh, new creative developed on a regular basis. 


There are obviously several factors that may determine how frequently a business updates creative (budget is a big one) but identifying your goals and objectives first will help steer the process. What audience segment are you trying to reach? What worked or didn’t work from the last campaign or creative? Are there any new or fresh ways to go about this? Aiming to inject a little life and fun won’t hurt either!

So how do you know if your creative needs replaced? If any of the above reasons apply to your current campaigns, it’s probably time. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve done anything new or different, it’s probably time. If you’ve never updated your creative and have been running the same campaign for the last five years, it’s definitely time!

Work with an agency partner, like Focal Point, to get creative with your next campaign. There are no rules here, but we can push the envelope with animation, compelling video and storytelling to get the creative back on track.

The only thing to remember? Make it fun, make it memorable, because the last thing you want is a customer telling you, “Hey, 1982 called and it wants its commercial back!”


About the Author:



Thomas Manley has been crafting successful brands for over fifteen years, specializing in art direction, brand development and strategy, copywriting, and graphic and web design. He combines strategy, creativity, and design savvy to provide high-impact solutions that meet client objectives. His work has been known to have clients high-fiving and chest-bumping when all was said and done.

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New Year, New Creative, New Results

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