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The Challenge

Our friends at LostLeaf are passionate about CBD. After starting a successful concentrates business under Washington State i502, their entrepreneurial spirit lead them to focusing exclusively on CBD products. With plans to produce the highest quality CBD tincture drops for uses in health and wellness for individuals, athletes, and even pets – they needed a brand that resonated with their audience and product packaging that stood out on the retail floor. Part of the initial launch would include printed collateral and a website to help sell their all-natural products. The task was clear, bring their vision and brand to life!

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Executed Services

  • Creative strategy
  • Brand development
  • Brand strategy
  • Product development
  • Package design
  • Print collateral design
  • Social media kit
  • Product photography
  • Website development
  • Organic SEO

The Approach

With a clear path laid out by LostLeaf owner Justin Barnhill, we set our sights on creating first and foremost a memorable brand. Consumer research shows that visual (and sometimes literal) identifiers play a big role in selecting one product over another in retail settings. Armed with a fresh new brand and color palette, we developed the packaging to jump off the shelves (figuratively, of course). Peppermint leaf, fresh lavender, citrus orange zest were among their first flavor profiles that we brought to life with vibrant images. All of these elements were then carried through to supporting collateral, like brochures and rack cards, trade show displays, gift boxes and signage; then on to social media and digital platforms.

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In its first two years, LostLeaf has seen tremendous growth. Starting with three primary CBD products, they’ve since released five additional products with more in development, plus launching two products in a line of CBD drops and treats for pets. When they launched in 2018, the website was their primary sales tool. But now, LostLeaf products can be found in more than 20 retail locations across the Pacific Northwest. Social media has been a huge part of LostLeaf’s marketing strategy, netting 1,300 Instagram followers and 1,800 Facebook followers to date.

They’ve used their digital platforms for obvious product and brand marketing purposes, but also to educate users about CBD products, quality testing, and everything that goes into making the purest product on the market.