Our Work

Destination Pediatric Dentistry

The Brief

Our friends at Destination Pediatric Dentistry were launching a brand-new dental practice in a suburb of Austin, Texas and needed help from the ground up. Their unique proposition was to be advocates and coaches to their patients, educating parents and children alike on the importance of oral hygiene. With a fun and creative travel theme for the practice, each exam room would have a different exotic destination: from an African safari to a tropical beach house. It was sure to stand out among the tired and unimaginative traditional pediatric dental offices in the area.

The Challenge

Starting from scratch presents some opportunities, but also some challenges. The blueprint for an original concept was there, but the Austin market was saturated with kids’ dental offices. Creating a fun and original brand was the first task at hand, followed by launching a website to get this new business off and running, as it would be very important to be found in local Google searches. Our client also wanted to be able to do a lot of their own self-promotion, so once a brand was complete, we were challenged to develop a toolkit and templates that we could hand off to their team for implementation.

The Solution

Dr. Phil Matson chose the travel theme to share his love of adventure and exploration with his patients, bonding over sites seen around the globe. With that in mind, we developed a simple and clean idea revolving around the theme, then went to town expanding the brand to include dozens of variations and visual assets that would fill out an extensive brand toolkit. From web icons and patterns to textures, nature scenes and more. All of these visual resources came in handy when developing the website, deployed via WordPress. Users are met with a fun and memorable experience as they navigate throughout the site.

The cherry on top was illustrating an original yeti character, dubbed Fredi the Yeti, to serve as the practice’s official mascot. Fredi was added to a series of travel posters that hang throughout the practice, as well as made into little figurines that are hidden in the exam rooms for eagle-eyed patients to find.

The Results

The practice is seeing steady growth since they launched in January of 2023. Patients love the theme used throughout the office and have given their team rave reviews (for the service as well as the brand). Dr. Matson has been thrilled with the comprehensive brand tools that provide his team with dozens of resources in promotional and marketing efforts.

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Awards & Recognitions

2023 AAF Tri-Cities Gold ADDY Award – Website

2023 AAF Tri-Cities Gold ADDY Award & Best in Show – Branding

2023 AAF Tri-Cities Silver ADDY Award – Illustration

2023 AAF Tri-Cities Silver ADDY Award – Poster Campaign

The Metrics

Brand & Print Design


Expansive integrated brand toolkit for client use and promotion, elevating the brand and optimizing brand consistency.


Individual brand elements used throughout the client’s office, promoting brand consistency and visibility.

Web & Digital Performance


Helped grow social media followers in first year of business.


Top search results for branded terms within the first 3 months.


Engagement rate for users from organic search.
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