The Brief

River Point Farms is one of the largest onion growers and processors in the Pacific Northwest. They have long provided onions to some of the most familiar brands in the food service business, including the likes of Chipotle, Frito-Lay, and Conagra Foods.

Since being acquired by AgriNorthwest in 2016, River Point has updated many of their processing and packing facilities but has long neglected its brand presentation. Poised to enter new markets, AgriNorthwest sought to update their existing website experience to something more visually compelling while serving as a home-base for their sales efforts, replacing outdated PDF product sheets with attractive, mobile-ready web pages that could be easily maintained by the internal communications staff.

The Challenge

Reposition the brand as bright and modern while highlighting their work to become environmentally focused, industry leaders. Users would need to learn about the health and sustainability projects of the company in a way that would increase engagement per session while supporting a larger variety of devices and provide fewer roadblocks for staff to be contacted directly. Finally, it would be important to optimize the site’s profile and help drive more organic traffic.

The Solution

Build a visually focused, responsive website that incorporated video, better-organized content, and provided an experience that was much easier to view and scan. To do so, we’d need to reorganize pages for better navigation, provide easier methods for contact and capture, parse, and elevate the company’s existing visual assets, and do so while collaborating with the River Point Farms team.

The Results

The updated River Point Farms website was an immediate success. Website traffic saw an instant boost with the launch and promotion of the new site, as user retention and engagement increased. Mobile website traffic spiked as the company finally added wider device support, erasing pain points for customer service and sales staff while organic website traffic began to climb and become more of a contributing factor the website’s user base.

Check out the site here »

The Metrics

Website & Digital Performance


Month-over-month growth.
Increase in events per session, the result of more users finding and engaging with the website.
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