The Brief

After many years of consideration, Edward Shea Jr. decided it was finally time to step out on his own as an independent attorney. No longer would he be part of his previous long-tenured partnership. While this was an exciting new chapter for the seasoned attorney, Ed knew he needed to establish his own brand that was unique and reflective of his personal style, as well as representative of the law in which he practiced.

The Challenge

Ed had long been a partner in the firm of Kuffel, Hultgrenn, Klashke, Shea & Ellerd, LLP. There, he had established himself as an expert in high-profile, high-asset divorce cases and personal injury. Ed’s new challenge was to establish the foundation of his new practice while retaining his existing clientele and preserving the legacy of his previous firm, all while building authority as a new practice.

The Solution

For Ed to successfully transition from his existing position to a new one, it was critical that he successfully leverage the power of digital media, while carefully maintaining communications with his existing clientele. The first step in his journey would be to establish the brand, determine the look and feel, and then build a web presence centered around the name of his new practice — Shea Law. Along with some select social channels, and review/reputation management, he was ready to go.

In the months that followed Ed’s initial launch, it would be necessary to scale efforts to become more competitive. That’s where we stepped in with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in combination with a short-term paid search campaign that sought to rank Ed higher than his local competitors for terms relevant to his practice — all without breaking the bank.

Ed’s website and new brand would now be center for his new practice and marketing strategy, inviting visitors to meet Ed as a person and explore his ability to meet their needs as a legal professional.

The Results

Ed’s initial brand launch was a success. Clients were able to easily find him when searching for his practice through search engines, and he was able to procure new leads just from establishing his new practice. That said, things began to cool off after the initial launch shifting us fully into Phase 2 of the campaign, where we instantly saw growth in key areas of the business — specifically divorce, custody and family law cases.

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The Metrics

Website & Digital Performance


Increase in users month-over-month
Increase in events per session, the result of more users finding and engaging with the website.


Increase in inquiries in the first several months of the campaign.
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