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The Challenge

As 2019 marked Kadlec’s 75th anniversary, they wanted to find a unique way to share and celebrate a lifetime of compassion, care and community. The hospital has been a fixture in the Tri-Cities for decades, but they attest that if there were one unquestionable reason for their continued success, it would be its people. So how would we highlight 75 years of achievements of its doctors, nurses, technicians, volunteers and staff? That’s where our process began.

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Executed Services

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Copywriting/scripting
  • Media research, planning, buying and reconciliation
  • Digital advertising
  • Print collateral
  • Social media kit
  • Video production
  • Photography

OUR Approach

Because Kadlec is not just a hospital, but a collection of providers, caregivers and lifesavers with one mission, our campaign landed on “75 years of Kadlec” – which embodied the “we” and “us” emphasis that every person Kadlec employed makes a difference. Conceptually, we selected unique, current Kadlec employees from all levels of the medical system with fascinating stories. A nutrition specialist who grooms and tends an on-campus garden; an ER doctor that has a hundred thrilling life-saving stories; a former Kadlec board member and open heart surgery survivor who became a volunteer. There were so many to share, it was truly difficult to select what to use in the campaign. All of the messaging encouraged community members to submit their own stories, where they were shared on web and digital platforms.

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There was a resounding positive response to the 75 Years of Kadlec campaign across all platforms and channels. Internally, their employee appreciation week was highlighted by the introduction of the first campaign videos, where employees thoroughly enjoyed hearing their peers’ stories. Then posters and elevator installations around campus took the stories to the next level.

Externally, through ad buys, social media promotions and special events throughout the year, the campaign saw great exposure. Organic Facebook activity was huge, netting 105,000 page engagements, 115,000 video views and 400 new page likes. In the last quarter of 2019, a Google display campaign garnered over 8.4 million viewable impressions with nearly 5,800 click-throughs, while a Facebook ad campaign reached almost 36,000 people with 300+ video plays. A smaller sample size, but a nice way to conclude the campaign.