About Us

Born in 2010, our expert team has built a reputation for producing brilliant creative solutions.

“There are three responses to a piece of design — Yes, No and WOw. Wow is the one to aim for.”

— Milton Glaser

Spit it Milton. We didn’t pick that quote because it sounds cool (it does) or makes us seem deep or anything (it doesn’t). We chose it because we continue to come back to it over and over so much it’s become our mantra (tweaked, of course) — “wow, is what we aim for.” Life is full of ordinary, your marketing and creative shouldn’t be. It should turn heads, inspire thought and leave an impression. We promise, it’s worth it.

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We Are

Mid-Columbia locals and quesadilla aficionados, we’ve built a reputation on an unwavering dedication to quality creative. A shelf of industry awards testifies to the impact of our work that includes the development, strategy and production for a wide range of industries and services. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes that include healthcare, communities, municipalities, government, tourism, energy, science, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. We believe variety, challenge, and the continued support of knowledge.

The Partners

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Thomas Manley

PARTNER, Co-Creative Director

Thomas’ ability to steer visual artistic direction while staying true to our clients’ brand is second to none. He is our maestro on all things creative and draws from his experiences in Seattle and Spokane markets to conjure up new and exciting solutions that get results.

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PARTNER, Co-Creative Director

As partner at Focal Point, Derek inspires and brings the very best out of our staff – leading a team of creative pros to produce captivating content that’s dripping in authenticity. He oversees digital strategy and creation, as well as visual storytelling for video and digital platforms.

The Team

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Alma’s bright and sunny disposition is rivaled only by her aptitude for excellence in all things. Since day one, Alma has proved that no task is too tall as she’s expanded her skillsets far beyond our expectations.

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Since joining the Focal Point multimedia team in early 2019, Austin has been a chameleon – wearing a hundred hats (literally, he has a killer hat collection) en route to his ever-expanding role.

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Meet Andrew. He eats, breathes and bleeds design. And when he gets around to sleeping, he dreams about design, too. That’s how he rolls. His creative talents are rivaled only by his desire to be better. Andrew is always thinking of the big picture and utilizing trends that will stand the test of time.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Mikaela’s journey to the creative field didn’t happen overnight. Her natural analytical skills and instincts led her to pursue a degree in journalism, earning a BA in Digital Journalism & Broadcasting from Central Washington University.

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Carmi is our detail deputy, ensuring that client media budgets are on point and all social media messaging is edited to precision. Earning her stripes at Boise State University with a focus in English and an emphasis in creative writing, Carmi knows a thing or two about the impact of well-crafted messaging.