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The Challenge

The Othello, Washington-based ag storage company was in a state of transition. Owner Chip Hesse found himself in the driver’s seat of the family business that his father Bob built and grew over the last 30 years. The company has achieved and sustained success over the years, but the brand and marketing strategy needed a jolt of creativity to stay relevant under its new leader. Trusted potato and onion storage solutions, along with innovative air distribution flooring headline their bread and butter products.

Our goal in this partnership was to invigorate the overall brand aesthetic across all print and digital collateral, unifying the look of their primary products and services. Cohesion and continuity was the name of the game. To date, Suberizer had, for the most part, only used traditional marketing tools. So the other half of our objective included initiating a foray into an expanded digital and social media strategy to better reach today’s progressive farmers and ag professionals.

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Executed Services

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Website development
  • Print collateral design
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • Photography

OUR Approach

Because Kadlec is not just a hospital, but a collection of providers, caregivers and lifesavers with one mission, our campaign landed on “75 years of Kadlec” – which embodied the “we” and “us” emphasis that every person Kadlec employed makes a difference. Conceptually, we selected unique, current Kadlec employees from all levels of the medical system with fascinating stories. A nutrition specialist who grooms and tends an on-campus garden; an ER doctor that has a hundred thrilling life-saving stories; a former Kadlec board member and open heart surgery survivor who became a volunteer. There were so many to share, it was truly difficult to select what to use in the campaign. All of the messaging encouraged community members to submit their own stories, where they were shared on web and digital platforms.

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Website Takeaways

Suberizer’s web experience needed a facelift to include less jargon and more visuals.

Revised design featured curated, focused content, and eye-catching imagery.

Increased organic search visibility and average session duration by over 20%.

Resulted in additional website lead generation and brand awareness.

Check it out at

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At first, the updates were small and incremental. But once the aesthetic updates took shape, the folks at Suberizer were eager to roll out more. Print collateral at trade shows were getting positive responses, while social media activity and engagement increased big time – to the tune of over a 1,300% growth in page engagements, 1,500% increase in page clicks, and a whopping 8,000% boost in page reach from the previous year. Website traffic and search relevancy also saw an uptick thanks to some good, old-fashioned organic SEO! Having only gotten started with the digital duties in late spring of 2019, there’s still a lot of work to do and goals to shatter as we help take Suberizer to the next level.

The Focal Point team is great. They all communicate well and have always accommodated my tight deadlines. I feel as though I’m their only client. They also are a fun and creative group, but still keep it professional.

Chip Hesse, President, Suberizer Inc.