Carmi Acosta

Media Specialist

Carmi is our detail deputy, ensuring that client media budgets are on point and all social media messaging is edited to precision.

Earning her stripes at Boise State University with a focus in English and an emphasis in creative writing, Carmi knows a thing or two about the impact of well-crafted messaging. A native of Prosser, Washington, Carmi got her career started in the education system as an education assistant and assistant teacher. But after a few years, her background and passion for creative arts (music, writing and photography) landed her here at Focal Point.

A lifelong interest in creative disciplines including drawing, painting, music and writing, Carmi manages to maintain all of these as hobbies in her free time. She has a deep interest in world cultures and has studied other languages, which helps give her a diverse perspective and understanding. On the weekends and in her spare time she loves hanging out with her family, Netflix binging, or visiting the friends she made during her years in Boise and Portland.

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